Adam J Wolf


Hello! Thanks for coming to my little place on the internet. I’m glad you stopped by. If you have any questions or want to comment, please find me on Twitter and fire away.

Most of my work is behind corporate firewalls but you can find some of it in public here, here and here.

Views and opinions expressed on this site are mine and not that of my employer. Don’t you just love lawyers and Human Resources!

Kathy A Wolf


Hi, I’m the editor and chief of this boy band. I make sure everyone stays out of trouble and that good grammer rules are followed.

Besides grammer and policing my boys (husband and dogs), I like to get outdoors as much as possible. I’ll take one or all three of them with me to get some fresh air and exercise. I love Arizona and don’t miss New York, except for the Chinese food and bagels.

Washington Wolf


Hello, I’m Washington, and for some reason, I was named after the state of Washington. My job, even though I’ve been told differently, is to protect the house. I do this by barking and howling at everything in the front or back of the house.

I keep telling these humans that the little kid next door is trouble. Don’t worry, I’m not all business, I love a good snuggle when I’m off work.

Alabama Wolf


Howdy, I’m Alabama. I am also named after a U.S state. I respond to many names, names like Bam, Bama, Bambam, bama-lama-ding-dong and the one where I’m in trouble “Aaallllllaaaaabama!!!”. I also respond to anyone holding a treat or a piece of cheese. Especially cheese. Yum, I love cheese.

My favorite activities include listening to Adam make tippity, tappity sounds at the computer while trying to get some rest. I have a hard life.